Access To Cooling

To avoid “lock-in” of high-carbon technologies, access to cooling must be a development priority. K-CEP aims to make environmentally friendly, energy-efficient cooling accessible to all by elevating the profile of cooling as a development priority and by providing support to the poorest countries and people through a range of locally owned cooling solutions.

K-CEP will take a broad approach to cooling solutions so that building design, fans, shading, solar cooling, and behavior change can also play a role in bringing high standards of thermal comfort to all.

As part of its work to improve access to cooling, K-CEP is supporting the Cooling for All initiative, which includes a global panel on access to cooling, and in 2018 it will launch a program to implement the panel’s recommendations, focusing on the poorest countries and communities. Cooling for all is led by SE4All. Find more information in this Cooling for All primer and this press release.