Cooling Efficiency Policies, Standards, and Programs

K-CEP engages with countries willing to ambitiously and quickly integrate energy efficiency into solutions to meet the cooling challenge. Partnerships with these countries will help accelerate national and corporate energy efficiency cooling policies, standards, and programs with the potential to reduce emissions and contribute to sustainable development.

These policies, standards, and programs will help governments implement and inform their energy efficiency management plans and will be integrated into future national HFC plans as required by the Montreal Protocol as well as into Nationally Determined Contributions as required by the UNFCCC.

K-CEP offers:

  1. Technical assistant to National Ozone Units (NOUs) and energy efficiency policymakers.
  2. Support to address market barriers to private sector efforts.
  3. Monitoring and verification assistance.
  4. Support for private sector leadership on cooling.

K-CEP support will be offered through the bi-lateral and implementing agencies of the Multilateral Fund and international and local organizations with expertise in cooling and efficiency.